Medicare Set-Aside & Cost Projection Solutions

Our MSA solutions are built on the foundation of reasonable consideration of Medicare’s interest in a claim, and adequate allocation of future medical expenses and treatment needs.

We offer a variety of Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) program types and work collaboratively with our customers to address their unique settlement needs.

Our team is composed of professionals with decades of combined industry experience, which they use to guide customers through the MSA process with a focus on driving both cost and time savings.

As another option, Cost Projections can serve as a resource for settlement negotiation, assist in setting reserves, and help facilitate settlement authority. Should the case position itself for settlement, an MSA can be provided upon request.

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Medicare Set-Aside (MSA)

We work to set the standard for the way Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements (MSA) are prepared and integrated into workers’ compensation and personal injury settlements. The IMPAXX team utilizes our strong focus on customer service, long-standing industry relationships, and extensive knowledge to help facilitate successful outcomes for our customers.

Our teammates have an average of more than 15 years of experience in their respective discipline, and we have found that there simply is no substitute for relevant experience and personal commitment to our customer’s success.

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Certified MSA

An alternative to traditional MSAs, our Certified MSA utilizes evidence-based medicine, standards of care methodology, and real-world metrics to calculate future medical expenses. The Certified MSA bypasses the voluntary Medicare review process, is compliant with MSP statutes, and typically results in a reduced MSA amount providing the additional savings associated with a closed file.

In addition, our Certified MSA methodology allows for a more streamlined, efficient process and offers savings, speed, and satisfaction – helping you resolve claims faster while reducing costs and facilitating the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Medicare’s interests have been considered.

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Non-Submit MSA

Guided by evidence-based medicine and aligned with physicians’ recommendations, this type of MSA strives to avoid the costs and overfunding that can sometimes be associated with the practice of forecasting medical needs based solely on outcomes predicted during CMS review.

Non-Threshold MSA

Our experienced professionals use standards of care methodology when completing the Non-Threshold MSA for claims that do not meet the CMS review threshold.

This allocation includes a Rate Age and recommendations for future medical treatment and medications and may include annuity recommendations (upon request).

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Liability MSA

This type of MSA outlines future Medicare-covered medical treatment and prescription drug costs that would otherwise be paid by Medicare and includes a summary of current treatment and future care recommendations. Our team assists the settling parties with incorporating this information into the settlement process.

Our professionals use a Rated Age and consider standards of care and current CMS guidelines to provide adequate protection of the Medicare Trust Fund and compliance with the MSP statutes.

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Medical Cost Projection (MCP)

Medical Cost Projections provide a comprehensive review and analysis of all future medical costs associated with a case resulting in a multi-page report outlining history of injury and projected future costs in a most probable outcome approach.


MCPs for negotiation purposes provide a cost projection that apportions both Medicare allowable and Non-Medicare allowable future injury-related medical costs.

MCPs for reserving purposes provide all medical costs associated with the injury per recommendations in the medical records.

Surgical Cost Projections provide an estimate of the costs of a future surgery and include costs for pre-operative work up, surgeon’s fees, anesthesiologist’s fees, hospital charges, and post-operative care.

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